Table Top Simulator

Hey all. Are we talking TTS also? There’s no tags for it

Absolutely! I just added a Tabletop Simulator tag. Are you using it to play Fate?

It’s been a while since I used TTS, but I remember a good index card and note system. I should try it for Fate.

My group switches between D&D and Fate-based cyberpunk. A few months ago we moved from Roll20 to TTS but have been playing D&D since that change. The move was prompted by a deep discussion about why we were enjoying role-playing so much less. As one of the outcomes we decided to try TTS. And we’ve recently agreed that we won’t go back. Something about the VR-style environment feels more like we’re playing together. Shenanigans included.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a Fate TTS table that includes everything that I’m looking for for running campaigns. I found this one to be the closest place to start.

Since then I’ve been adding additional tools like index cards and other Fate add-ons but I’m not ready to share it yet.

I really need to find an excuse to explore TTS. It seems awesome.


We’ve been trying to explore TTS to offer a platform for our players, here’s the result for Fate Core:

It’s in italian, but could be of interest.

The thing we did not like most, compared to Roll20, is the real mess to create a dynamic sheet, like something switchable between Core/Accelerated/Compact/Whatever.