Stormlight Archive with Fate Core

I really love Stormlight Archive. I want to run a game in the world of Roshar, but… there isn’t any tabletop RPGs about Roshar or Knights Radiant. Except a homebrew for D&D 5e, as I know.
Fate Core always helped me with problems like that (for example I ran a long campaign in Pillars of Eternity), but it’s not easy to hack Fate for a such unusual world.
Does anyone have ideas, how can I make this work?
I guess it could work with just default Fate Core rules, but my players like to have more weight with different extras and optional rules. How can I make Surgebinding (stunts with cost in “stormlight point” maybe?) and especially Shards? I think Shards can be just aspects, common people rarely can hold a single blow with Shardblade (but if a Radiant PC is hit with Shardblade?), and battle between Shardbearers can work like duel rules from toolkit.
Maybe someone here have better ideas?

I’ve read the Stormlight Archive but I haven’t run a game in it. That’s my advice qualifier.

In my cyberpunk game, most of the cyberware stunts include a mild consequence. So, the character gets the stunt benefit until they use that consequence, and then the stunt doesn’t apply anymore. Shards behave a lot like cyberware in the fiction.

You could go further and give Shards their own stress tracks and consequences. Having shardplate in the story is a big deal so making it have a lot of mechanical weight seems justified to me.

There is nothing wrong with adding an extra stress track for stormlight. In some Fate games, they have indebted or heat (stress) tracks. If you’re using the default skill list, you can have Resources increase your stormlight stress track. You can even let allies tap each other’s stormlight tracks like in the stories.

With shardblades, remember that stress isn’t damage. No one is hit with a shardblade unless they are taking a severe (or extreme) consequence. Losing the soul in your hand isn’t a mild consequence. All of the stress and consequences leading up to that are something else (sprains from dodging, destroyed gear). I might also have a standing rule that death is a possibility when taken out by a shardblade. The increased stakes match the stories.

For surgebindings, I would have the stunts allow basic use without tapping into the stormlight track. The surges are so varied I would just watch for uses that have enough mechanical weight to justify using stormlight. And even then, a lot of my stunts may start off: ‘Once per session or by using a point of stormlight…’

I hope that helps. I shared this on the Fate discord server as well because I saw people talking about playing Stormlight Archive Fate.

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Just a few thoughts/options/ways of handling things mechanically:

Stormlight stress
Give surgebinders a Stormlight stress track that must be used to power surgebinding stunts. This stress can only be replenished by acquiring charged orbs, or recharging your orbs. If you use a Resources/Wealth mechanic, this could be attached, since in the books lit orbs are worth more $ than dim ones.

Character Growth:
Decide (with your players) where the characters are in their surgebinding progression. I would be inclined to start everyone as a pre-initiate, with no skill in surgebinding, and have the realization and development of their abilities be tied to story and character progression.

Oath aspects
Use aspects to denote where the characters are in their oath path, and what type of surgebinder they are/will be. E.g. Bonded Windrunner, This weird spren keeps following me around, Master Skybreaker, etc. Plan on having this aspect change periodically as the players progress.

Party aspects
Have a game/party/world aspect that denotes the fact that the PCs are all on the road to becoming surgebinders. This gives everyone (you and the players) access to compels or invokes that can help drive the story forward.

Shard weapons
Shard weapons are extremely rare, incredibly powerful, and ridiculously expensive. Also, there is a strong implication that using shardblades is painful/repulsive to surgebinders at even a very low level. Plate may be a different matter, but is still very hard to come by, and requires vast resources to power it.

Unless your characters are very advanced in surgebinding, or have a great deal of wealth/prestige, these things should be treated as the legendary types of weapons that they are in the books, and shouldn’t feature too strongly in most gameplay. I would probably generally avoid the PCs having them, and instead have them be the intimidating factor in a boss fight.

In other words: don’t cheapen the awesomeness of these artifacts by having them show up everywhere.

I make stunts out of any shard items, and any surgebinding ability.
Shardblades should have a PC aspect, binding the blade to the character