Share your Zone Maps

I would love to see your Zone Maps.

Most of my maps are theater of the mind. For special encounters I will create custom maps.

Sometimes I colorize sections of an already existing map to show zones:

Most of the time though, my zone maps are collages of images.

For the finale of a long campaign I made a zone map so the players could take on the Dragon who was attacking the city.


First, I really like the collage map. A great way to include lots of detail without writing every little thing down.

This zone map isn’t mine, it’s from Uprising.
These are zones in a warehouse.

» » Undetected
» » Spotted
» » Amongst the Crates
» » On the Balcony
» » In the Offices
» » Outside

It’s the 'Undetected" and ‘Spotted’ That I’d like to point out.
In other scenarios they have zones like ‘Disguised’ and '‘Revealed’


I’m going to have to steal those “status” zones for future games. I like that.

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I agree–the collage map is brilliant! Is this something you are sharing with players to help them visualize what is going on, or is it more tracking for your own sake? And, if you are sharing, I assume you are playing across a digital platform? Is this something you would print/tape together and set on a physical table?

The collage map is for digital play on Roll20. If we could play in person, I would print it out.


I took some inspiration from @amazingrando and attempted my first collage zone map!

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I would avoid that bathroom like the plague. Seriously though, this looks great!

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Running my games online since before the apocalypse, I tend to draw symbolic zone maps, allowing players to drag around their icons (or dragging them on my own, whichever seems faster in a given party). They tend to look like this.


That’s great! What software are you using for your maps?

That’s great! What software are you using for your maps?

Microsoft PowerPoint. I can just run it on my computer as a standalone without needing to dedicate a browser tab to it, and offer a share link allowing players to choose whether they want to open the map in a standalone or in a browser.


One of my players created this map with my description (under my direction) as a test, to see what we could do. We’ll most likely do a larger scale map later on, as they explore more of the world.
Fun fact: His character is a cartographer, so he has all the more reason to be doing these from an IC perspective of what they actually have drawn out.


I made this map for a final showdown:

Looks epic! How did the final showdown play out? I’ve heard mixed things about having more than a few zones…

Not sure yet: it’s scheduled for next Monday, if they get to it. I agree that this is pushing it, for number of zones, but I wanted to offer them all the flexibility I could. I’m “showcasing” Fate, so I’m using this spot as inspiration. North, on the zone map, would be would be almost fully to the right side of the map. Probably a smidge upwards.

Good luck! Looks like a great location for a final showdown. I think larger maps can work, especially if the party and/or enemies are spread out. Worst case they just all gather into a single zone and beat each other up, and not really explore the map. Still, I’d love to hear how it goes!

In the spirit of final show-downs, here is another zone map from our game last week. The party also had a “portable zone”–an airboat most of the party was using to get from zone to zone. (Until it was destroyed by a gigantic, Jurassic-era crocodile, of course ;^)


Yeah, the “enemies” are spread out, although they’re not all hostile. There are:

  • The villagers, including a broken-hearted guy and the sheriff. When the showdown starts, they’re spread between the village and the path.
  • The main guy they’re here to see: Pasco, at his place.
  • The unknown actor who is making a mess of things, who I’ll place to make things most interesting.

This sounds absolutely awesome.


This is an old map picture, some of my larger maps aren’t so much zoned out with aspect as they are just color coded
A: Atrium
B: Offices
C: Server Room
D: Lobby and Front Desk
E: Cafeteria/Break Room
F: Manager’s Office
G: Supply Room
H: Parking Lot


Posted this on Google+ a while back. Originally made for a 1920s occult investigation style campaign, sort of Spirit of the Century meets Call of Cthulhu, with more emphasis on pulp action and investigation than horror.


This is super cool. I like how it is labels include aspects.