Running the Expanse in Fate

I’m a giant fan of the books but not the AGE system the RPG uses, so I’m thrilled to see some Expanse stuff in Fate!


Neat. I hadn’t stumbled upon the no-skill character creation/No-SKILL Swashbuckling before (linked to in that post) so it was interesting how they use that for a minor character.

Slightly off-topic, is the author using Roll20 in their screenshots? (I had used that before for Fate and didn’t have a great time but it didn’t look quite the same/well organized as the authors’ so I might have been doing it wrong.)

@sqwishy They are using the Fate character sheets in Roll20. They were updated a short while ago and are MUCH MUCH better. In fact, I think they are great. Evil Hat has been pouring gasoline on their Roll20 stuff and it is ON FIRE.

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