Plz give tips for new GMs

Hi, I am a new GM for Fate. How can I manage my first Fate game. How can I better Game Master? Plz help me!!!

Some folks like the Tabletop Fate episode for learning.

There is also the Book of Hanz, which has a lot of great advice.

The Fate SRD has a Learn to Play Fate series for $1+ patrons. For those who don’t want to be patrons, links to the videos are for sale at


If your crew has only played D&D style RPGs, this will be a bit of a lift for them. I would start session zero by explaining some of the rules, but very much the spirit of the game, where they should feel welcome to add to the story. Again, with this kind of crowd, most players don’t really feel licensed to add to the story. To encourage that, I think it works well if you use tricks like “player X, why don’t you narrate a thing that happens on the journey to Y,” or, “player Z, why don’t you make up an NPC for this situation,” and just let them make something up. That helps get them in to the spirit of things.

Also, here’s a setting-neutral slide deck that goes over some of the rules.

And here are some google sheets character sheets I made for online play.


Examples already posted, my biggest advice now is to just try it; there’s nothing you can do wrong that can’t be fixed later.


All of the other posts are great. I would add that this checklist is the Fate GM’s best friend:


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