Play Fate Online Using Google Docs!

Hi everyone!

So, I’m going to be playing Fate with a remote group soon, and I thought I’d share the online “tools” I’m using to help manage play. They’re basically just google docs you can copy and then share with your group, and since they’re google docs, you can modify them to fit the needs of your game!

Fate Character Sheet:
I’m big on being able to see character sheets edited in real time (DiceCloud spoiled me for D&D), plus it’s easier to add structural changes to a google doc than a paper sheet. You can add rows for higher level skills, un-gray stress and consequence boxes to represent accessing them as your Physique and Will get higher, add an entirely new table specifically for game extras… Basically, you can do whatever you want!

Game Aspect Sheet:
This one is probably going to be the big thing I have open during play. I wanted a place where Aspects (or at least public ones) could be easily found and invoked, compelled, suggested, changed, and more. It’ll help me as the GM think of ways to compel characters, and hopefully it’ll help my players keep track of the aspects they can invoke. This is a document everyone should have edit access to so they can add and change aspects, keep track of invokes, etc.

I haven’t really found a good way to represent more visual parts of play, but I’ll probably just use Roll20 for that or just theater of the mind it when possible. I doubt I’m the first one to use google docs in this way, but I figured sharing my ideas wouldn’t hurt. Either way, I’m super excited to try out Fate!

Hope you guys find this helpful! :blush:


Yes, Google docs and sheets are great for this sort of thing.

super clean, and they even look great on mobile!

question out of curiosity: did you consider using Fari? I know some people have connection/network issues with it. (it works great for me, and there are some updates forthcoming that will solve some of those too)

I actually didn’t know what Fari was until you asked this and I looked it up! It seems interesting, but I’d have to play around with it a bit more to get comfortable. I do like the drawing section though, that’ll be useful for conflicts.

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fantastic! in that case, a few more links for you :smiley: — our small community of VERY enthusiastic & helpful Fari users — a ~9min tour/demo of Fari

looking forward to hearing how your Fate games go, if you’re willing to share :slight_smile: