New to FATE (Looking for adults to play with.)

Hey everyone, im looking for a GM+party made out of adults fully i am in the GMT +3/GMT +2 timezones depending on daylight savings time, i could mostly show up turning the weekends, i am looking for games in the horror, history, medieval, crime, mystery scenarios (ex:Game Of Thrones, Twin Peaks.etc).

Thank you for reading.

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I’d definitely be interested. I’m in GMT -4 or -5. I’ve no GM experience and am new to Fate as well. Only played one full campaign with friends and we weren’t strict with Fate Condensed rules although I would’ve liked that.

I don’t mind if it’s FATE accelrated/Condensed.etc, i just wanna play at this point so my only request is “it’s only a group full of adults (strictly)” and i wont be picky about anything else