Mixing Fate's Chocolate with Blades in the Dark's Peanut Butter?

I’ve been playing Bands of Blades a lot lately. As a result I’ve been thinking about how some of that could be stolen for Fate.

However Rob (of Evil Hat) already went there! Has anyone tried this out?


I absolutely love the Blades in the Dark concept of spending Fate to create “flashback” scenes. That has worked extremely well in some of our adventures–particularly ones with a “heist”-vibe. You are essentially using a Fate Point to make a declaration for something that has already happened in a previous scene. We can then take a quick “cut-away” to play out that scene–which might involve other rolls, even other uses of Fate Points. We even have done a Flash Back from a Flash Back to the great amusement of the group. Similarly, as a GM I’ve used Fate to create uncomfortable “Flashback” Compels for players… (Although those are usually shorter, and just narrative).

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