Marvel vs. DC (Pregen Characters)

Name: Iron Man ( Alias: Anthony Stark)
High Concept: Armored Avenger
Troubles: Demon in a Bottle
Skills: Great ( Craft )
Everybody Loves a Sharp Dressed Man: Stark has a sophisticated suit of combat armor. While in his armor, he gains +1 to any rolls made to operate it. The suit can only operate with Stark. Once per session, he can spend a fate point to give his armor a third aspect with one free invocation that lasts until the end of the scene. This new aspect represents some hidden feature of the armor that hadn’t been revealed before, like cloaking device, or space travel.

Iron Man Suit
High Concept: Cutting Edge Power Armor
Trouble: Limited Power Supply

Name: Superman ( Alias: Clark Kent)
High Concept: Last Son of Krypton
Trouble: The Never-ending Battle for Truth, Justice, and the American Way
Skills: Great ( Physique )
Stronger than a Locomotive : When taking an overcome action by shoving, strong-arming, or otherwise using physical strength; Superman succeeds, without rolling, if his Physique skill is greater than the opposition. Superman has a +1 to attack with Fight when fighting hand to hand. Against nameless NPCs, Superman’s unarmed attacks have Weapon: 2, but Highly Destructive .

Name: Batman ( Alias: Bruce Wayne)
High Concept: Dark Knight of Gotham
Trouble: I Made a Promise in that Alley
Skills: Great ( Investigate )
I Am Vengeance, I Am the Night: Batman preys on the superstition, and cowardly nature of criminals to terrify them. He can roll Stealth instead Provoke to create an advantage related to fear by fliting in and out of the shadows, creating scary noises, and so on.

Name: Captain America ( Alias: Steve Rogers)
High Concept: Star Spangled Super Soldier
Trouble: Man Out of Time
Skills: Great ( Athletics )
I’ll Always Fight the Good Fight: In a physical conflict, before rolling dice on his turn, Steven can remove a boost from play.

Name: Thor Odinson
High Concept: Asgardian God of Thunder
Trouble: Pride Cometh the fall
Skills: Great ( Provoke )
To Me Mjolnir: Thor wields the mystical Uru hammer Mjolnir; which comes with a high concept and a trouble. Once per scene he can invoke of these aspects without spending a fate point.

High Concept: Mystical Uru Hammer
Trouble: Only the Worthy may wield

Name: Wonder Woman ( Alias: Diane Prince)
High Concept: Amazon Champion of the Gods
Trouble: Stranger in Man’s World
Skills: Great ( Empathy )
Take Not My Eagerness for Peace as a Sign of Weakness: When Diana defends against a projectile attack and succeed with style, she can deal 2-shift physical hit to the attacker instead of getting a boost.

Name: Deadpool ( Alias: Wade Wilson)
High Concept: The Merc with the Mouth
Trouble: Many Voices in My Head, None My Own
Skills: Great ( Provoke )
Wait, Which Edition of Fate is This: Once per scene, when Deadpool invokes one of his aspects, instead of getting a bonus or a reroll, he may swap out a Fate die for a regular six-sided die , the kind that are numbered one through six.

Name: Lobo
High Concept: The Main Man
Trouble: A “Man” of His Word
Skills: Great ( Physique )
If You Can Read This, I Didn’t Hit You Hard Enough: Once per scene, when Lobo causes his target to take a consequence, he can force the target to use the next higher consequence.

Name: Ghost Rider ( Alias: Robbie Reyes)
High Concept: Hell’s Spirit of Vengeance
Trouble: Stuck in a Deal with a Devil
Skills: Great ( Pilot )
Not Quite a Pale Horse: Reyes possesses the Hell Charger , a modified 1969 Dodge Charger. Once per Scene, Ghost Rider can invoke on of these aspects without spending a fate point.

Hell Charger
High Concept: Mystically Modified Dodge Charger
Trouble: Has a Mind of Its Own

Name: Flash ( Alias: Barry Allen)
High Concept: The Fastest Man Alive
Trouble: Doesn’t Look Before He Leaps…
Skills: Great ( Athletics )
Speed is Sort of My Thing: When Running, Jumping or performing any sort of movement in a way that would require a roll, Flash succeeds without rolling if his Athletics rating is greater than the opposition.

Name: Martian Manhunter ( Alias: J’onn J’onzz)
High Concept: The Sole Survivor of Mars
Trouble: Argh, Fire Bad!
Skills: Great ( Empathy )
A Future worth Fighting for: J’onn’s ability to shapeshift allows him to be the “Swiss Army Knife of Superheroes”. Once per scene, spend a fate point and choose a skill. For the rest of the scene, he has a +1 bonus to that skill’s rating, to a maximum of Fantastic ( +6 ).

Name: Vision
High Concept: Behold, My Vision!
Trouble: Still Learning to Walk the Walk
Skills: Great ( Physique )
Where You Least Expect Me: The Vision can manipulate his density. He can move through solid matter with ease. Ignore physical obstacles.

Name: Green Lantern ( Alias: Hal Jordan)
High Concept: Where there’s a Will, There’s a Way
Trouble: Cocky to a Fault
Skills: Great ( Will )
Beware My Power…Green Lantern’s Light: Hal has a Green Power Ring that has chosen him. Once per scene, he can invoke one of these aspects without spending a fate point.

Green Power Ring
High Concept: Oan Power Ring
Trouble: Limited Battery Power

Name: Captain Marvel ( Alias: Carol Danvers)
High Concept: Kree Empowered Avenger
Trouble: Living Up to Mar-Vel’s Legacy
Skills: Great ( Athletics )
Welcome to Earth, Now Leave: Carol has the ability to absorb various types of energy. When Carol successfully defends or overcomes an obstacle related to energy she gains a boost based on the element, such as Burning Aura , or Atomic Might . Once per scene Carol may invoke a scene aspect related to her absorption power for free.

Name: Magneto ( Boss )
High Concept: Self Proclaimed Mutant Messiah
Trouble: Humanity is a disease, We are the Cure
Aspects: The Master of Magnetism; Charles, the Dream is Dead; For the Brotherhood…
Skills: Superb ( Will , Provoke ); Great ( Notice , Contacts , Shoot ); Good ( Physique , Rapport , Empathy , Fight ); Fair ( Stealth , Investigate , Athletics , Burglary , Lore )

  • Forging a New Future for Mutantkind: When Magneto creates an aspect with Provoke , Mutants who invoke it for a bonus get a +3 instead of a +2.
  • The Master of Magnetism: Magneto can use Will to defend against physical attacks; In addition, He has a +1 to Create Advantages or Overcome Obstacles when utilizing objects that are capable of being magnetized. However, this results in Collateral Damage .
  • I Grow Weary of These Encounters: Once per scene, Magneto can check a mental stress box to absorb physical harm. If he does, he gets a free boost.
    Stress: Physical: [4/4]; Mental: [4/4]; Consequences: Mild; Mild ( Mental ); Moderate; Severe

Name: Juggernaut ( Alias: Cain Marko)
High Concept: Mystically Enhanced Engine of Destruction
Trouble: Charles, Aren’t You Going To Greet Your Brother?
Aspects: Avatar of Cyttorak
Skills: Superb ( Physique ); Great ( Provoke , Fight ); Good ( Athletics , Will , Notice )

  • Do You Know Who I Am?: Once Juggernaut is in motion he is Literally Unstoppable. Use Physique rather than Athletics to move from one zone to another. In addition, If Juggernaut succeeds with style in overcoming an obstacle with Physique, remove the obstacle aspect and replace it with Debris situational aspect on the scene with no free invokes. However this is Incredibly Difficult to Maneuver .
  • Gonna Crush You, Pipsqueak: Armor: 2, and Defend against physical attacks and intimidation with Physique.
    Stress: Physical: [1] [2] [3] [4]; Mental: [1] [2] [3] [4]; Consequences: Mild; Mild ( Physical ); Moderate

Name: Cyclops ( Alias: Scott Summers)
High Concept: If Looks Could Kill…
Trouble: Fighting for the Dream
Aspect: Field Leader of the X-Men
Approaches: Good ( Careful ); Fair ( Flashy , Forceful ); Average ( Clever , Quick ); Mediocre ( Sneaky )
Alright, Let’s Do It the Hard Way: Whenever Cyclops succeeds with style on a Forceful or Flashy attack, he can forgo the boost to move the defender up to two zones away. In addition, he can never become Unarmed .
Stress: [1] [2] [3]; Consequences: Mild, Moderate, Severe

Name: Storm ( Alias: Ororo Munroe)
High Concept: Mistress of the Elements
Trouble: The World is Crashing All Around Me
Aspect: Once a Thief in Cairo
Approaches: Good ( Flashy ); Fair ( Careful , Sneaky ); Average ( Quick , Forceful ); Mediocre ( Clever )
Nature’s Fury at My Beck and Call: When Storm Flashily Creates an Advantage representing her ability to summon the elements, the resulting aspect gains another free invocation.
Stress: [1] [2] [3]
Consequences: Mild; Moderate; Severe

Name: Colossus ( Alias: Piotr Rasputin)
High Concept: Skin of Steel, Heart of Gold
Trouble: I Will Protect You…
Aspect: This is How We Do in Mother Russia
Approaches: Good ( Forceful ); Fair ( Careful , Flashy ); Average ( Clever , Quick ); Mediocre ( Sneaky )
Friends, Get Behind Me: When a nearby alley is hit by a physical attack, Colossus can spend a Fate Point to redirect the attack to himself. He gains +2 to Forcefully Defend against this attack.
Stress: [1] [2] [3]
Consequences: Mild; Moderate; Severe