Interest Check for New Fate Game (EST Time Zone)

Hello! I want to GM a new Fate game, but I want to know what the community wants game-wise. Fill out the form below to quickly let me know you’re interested, what times you can play (EST-based), and what genre you’d be interested in playing. Thank you! I hope to see you around.

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Awesome. I can’t play right now, but I highly recommend cross-posting this on the Fate Facebook group (, the Looking for Fate Players group (, the Fate Discord channel (, and potentially the LFG sub-reddit

If you know how you will run the game (Discord, Fari, Foundry, Roll20, FantasyGround, Role, etc.), it may also attract folks who enjoy specific ways to play)

I hope you assemble a great group and have a blast! Always happy to see more folks run Fate!