Contradictory High Concept & Trouble

I have an occult/pseudosciencey character in mind for a one-shot and what I think would be perfect is if their High Concept and their Trouble were same/opposite or contradictions somehow.

The only example I could come up with is: Lucky & Cursed

While it’s not quite right for my setting, this clever combination I found on a reddit thread is an example of the kinda thing I’m looking for: Captain Amazing & “Captain Amazing”

I wish I knew what this sort of thing was called. It’s not just a contradiction; it’s like irony but not just sarcasm or facetiousness. I think the Captain Amazing thing is right on the nose because it’s the same thing but perceived in two different ways.

I’m curious if anybody has any suggestions along this line or related?

For more context; the setting for the one-shot contains a bit of occult/pseudoscience stuff in a world where those are fringe. (Fringe is the name of the skill for this too.) The idea is that there is no formal magic system but sometimes spooky stuff happens like a corded telephone rings but it’s not hooked up to anything, a door slowly creeks closed on its own, or there’s a dark corner or closet that doesn’t light up when you shine a flashlight on it. The intention is that the player could come up with this sort of spooky stuff and introduce it through their aspect. Similarly, the GM might do the same through a compel. But a theme of the spooky stuff that happens with this character are the sort where pianos would fall on them from the sky out of nowhere but sometimes they land whoever is chasing them instead.

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It sounds like you have a good handle on what you want this aspect to do, and that it is amusing and double sided. So just go with that, write something down, as a high concept, or trouble, or as another aspect. The slot doesn’t matter. Neither does the precise words you use, these don’t have to be perfect, it’s only important that people at the table know roughly what you mean. This isn’t a poetry contest, the description doesn’t have to be clever. Something like “my ‘skill’ at fringe science is a blessing and a curse” or whatever is fine.

You’ve got a cool schtick, just go with it.

Maybe something like “connected to the fringe” and “the fringe is connected to me” or “haunted ghost hunter”
Or “Paranormal oversight”/“paranormal oversight” (as in the director of the paranormal department, and fails to notice paranormal things)

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I like Lucky & Cursed. I think you should use that as your Trouble and call it done. It’s very compel-able and invoke-able and it’s going to make for some interesting storytelling. But you asked for suggestions, so here you go.

If you decide to wrap this in one aspect:
Weird Luck (this is an example from Fate Core or somewhere else, can’t remember)
Uncertainty Happens
Spooky Things Happen Around Me
Some Things Don’t Have an Explanation
…or you could just combine one of the following into a single aspect.

If you want to express this in 2 aspects:
Lover of the Unseen / Screwed by the Unseen
Things Just Go My Way… / …Until They Don’t
“That Was Close” / “That Was So Close” or “…But No Cigar”

That’s fair. Although, I think the goal is to try to get the player interested. In this case, they enjoy structure and I’m trying to avoid a structured magic system in favour of something more idiomatic of Fate. Partly because I’m lazy, but also I’m hoping they’ll enjoy something more open if they can get into it. And I think having an intriguing High Concept might help them try things out.

Or it might not, maybe as long as I know what it’s about, like you said, and as long as I can compel it into play, then the players will start to push back and get the hang of using aspects and spending Fate points. More of a “show, don’t tell” kind of thing.

I really like this; I might use it.

Oh yeah, where the High Concept works on its own but the Trouble continues the sentence to change its meaning. That’s neat. Hadn’t considered that. Thanks.

My first idea is something my first Fate GM suggested; using the ellipses trick in the Aspects themselves

Never Cheats… at cards

If anyone is familiar with the Chronicles of Amber, yes, this was the High Concept for Random.