(Classic) Sonic Characters

Name : Sonic the Hedgehog
High Concept : The Fastest Thing Alive
Trouble : Never Looks Before He Leaps
Aspects : Hedgehog of Action
Approaches Good ( Quick ); Fair ( Flashy , Forceful ); Average ( Sneaky , Clever ); Mediocre ( Careful )
Time to Go WARP SONIC : Sonic can rev up and perform a Spin Dash Attack. Sonic gains a +2 when Quickly attacking an opponent that has yet to attack during the conflict. In addition, Sonic can never become Unarmed .
Stress : [1] [2] [3]; Consequences : Mild; Moderate; Severe

Name: Knuckles the Echidna
High Concept: Last Guardian of Angel Island
Trouble: Gullible Knucklehead
Aspects: Avid Treasure Hunter
Approaches: Good ( Forceful ); Fair ( Careful , Flashy ); Average ( Sneaky , Quick ); Mediocre ( Clever )
Fist of Fury: Once per Scene, when Knuckles attempts to Forcefully overcome a physical obstacle in his path by trying to break it, he can increase the result by one step, a tie to a success, or a success to a success with style. Whenever Knuckles uses this stunt, place a debris situation aspect on the scene with no free invoke.
Stress: [1] [2] [3]; Consequences: Mild; Moderate; Severe

Name: Miles “Tails” Prower
High Concept: Trusty Two-Tailed Sidekick
Trouble: Stop Treating Me Like a Kid!
Aspects: Technological Prodigy
Approaches: Good ( Clever ); Fair ( Careful , Quick ); Average ( Flashy , Sneaky ); Mediocre ( Forceful )
Flying Fox: Because Tails can spin his tails like a propeller, he gains a +1 to Quickly Create an advantage or Overcome an obstacle if flying would be possible and helpful.
Stress: [1] [2] [3]; Consequences: Mild; Moderate; Severe

Name: Amy Rose
High Concept: Sonic’s Self-Proclaimed Girlfriend
Trouble: Nose for Adventure…and Trouble…
Aspects: Have Hammer, Will Travel
Approaches: Good ( Flashy ); Fair ( Quick , Clever ); Average ( Forceful , Sneaky ); Mediocre ( Careful )
Back At’ Cha: Amy Rose is skilled with her Piko Piko Hammer. If Amy succeeds with style when Flashily defending against ranged attacks, her attacker takes 2 shifts of damage instead of her gaining a boost.
Stress: [1] [2] [3]; Consequences: Mild; Moderate; Severe

Name : Dr. Ivo Robotnik ( Leader )
High Concept : The Doctor is In…
Aspects : Ambition, Cruelty, and Genius in Equal Measures; Ruler of the Eggman Empire; Gadgets and Gizmos of the Wildest Imagination
Approaches : Superb ( Clever ); Great ( Sneaky, Flashy ); Good ( Forceful, Careful ); Fair ( Quick )

  • I Have Such Wonderful Toys : Once per Session, Robotnik can Cleverly create an invention with a high concept (determined by Robotnik), a trouble (determined by the PCs) and some number of stunts. Roll Cleverly against opposition equal to twice the number of stunts he wants to give it. If he succeeds, he makes what he intended, no problem. If he ties or fails, he still makes what he intended, but the PCs get one (on tie) or two (on failure) free invocations on the invention’s trouble.
  • Large and In Charge : When Robotnik Forcefully defends against an attack based on fear or intimidation and succeeds with style; he can deal a 2-shift mental hit to the attacker instead of getting a boost.
  • Don’t Let the Paunch Fool You : Whenever Robotnik takes a consequence; he can pay a Fate point to remove him from the scene (by escaping in the Egg-mobile), replace him with two Egg-robos
    Stress : [1] [2] [3]; Consequences : Mild; Moderate; Severe

Name: Metal Sonic ( Lieutenant )
High Concept: Sonic the Hedgehog 2.0
Trouble: There Can Be Only One Sonic…
Aspect: Field Tested and Battle Hardened; Doctor Robotnik’s Finest Creation; The Strong, and Silent Type
Approaches: Great ( Quick ); Good ( Careful , Forceful ); Fair ( Flashy , Clever ); Average ( Sneaky )

  • Loaded for Sonic: +1 to Attack or Create Advantages when Quickly utilizing onboard firepower. In addition, Once per scene when Metal Sonic Quickly attacks and succeeds with style, Metal Sonic can forgo the boost to immediately attack again either against the same defender or another character in the same zone.
  • Bio-Data Successfully Copied: Metal Sonic can analyze others to essentially “read” the minds of others, using Create an advantage to Carefully uncover details about their true nature. Additionally, once he has discovered an aspect about the opponent in this way, he gains a +2 to Cleverly create or discover physical aspects on that individual.
    Stress: [1] [2] [3]; Consequences: Mild; Moderate; Severe

Name: Nack the Weasel ( Lieutenant )
High Concept: Notorious Weasel Bounty Hunter
Trouble: What’s In It for Me?
Aspects: Leader of the Hooligans; Crackshot Marksman ; Long Live the Queen!
Approaches: Great ( Sneaky ); Good ( Careful , Quick ); Fair ( Clever, Forceful ); Average ( Flashy )

  • Deadeye Shot: Nack has a powerful Laser Rifle that can blanket an area with deadly shots. Once per scene, Nack gains a +2 when attempting to Carefully create an advantage to pin down an enemy, firing warning shots or laying down suppressive fire.
  • Bet You Weren’t Expecting That: If Nack has created an advantage representing a trap (for instance, Improvised Explosives or Floor Rigged to Collapse ), he can Sneakily attack. This attack targets one person in the trap’s zone; if he spends a Fate Point, it instead targets everyone in that trap’s zone. Using a trap removes its aspect.
    Stress: [1] [2] [3]; Consequences: Mild; Moderate; Severe

I just watched the Sonic movie recently, so this is yet another reason to consider running a Sonic one shot!

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I’ve actually never seen the live action movie yet, only the OVA from the 90s, but yeah this could lay the ground work for whatever Sonic one-shot you wanted to play. Robotnik, or his henchmen, could be a conflict in the one-shot while his mid level badnik could be a cliffhanger.