Blocks vs. Limitations

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I’m trying to wrap my head around Blocks vs. Limitations. The book Fate Adversary Toolkit gives the example of a “Vat of Acid” as a block, and a pool “Filled with Piranha” as a limitation. Functionally those seem pretty similar to me–and yet, as a Block, you only interact with the vat of acid when you try to jump over it, or shove someone into it (or get shoved into it.) In those cases your skills might help mitigate the damage.
When Piranha are involved, there doesn’t seem to be any jumping, shoving, etc. It seems to be just a “compel” waiting to happen–with automatic stress points attached.
I feel like I’m missing something here…

Good (+3) Vat of Acid , Weapon:4

Blocks only come into play under specific circumstances. A Vat of Acid only matters when someone tries to cross it or gets thrown into it.…

Blocks don’t attack and don’t have a turn in the initiative order. Instead, whenever a block would interfere with someone’s action, they’ll have to roll against the block’s rating as passive opposition…. If it can cause harm—like if it’s a Vat of Acid —and the PC fails to overcome the block, the PC takes a hit as if the block attacked the PC, and the PC failed to defend by the same margin by which it failed to overcome the block.

For example, if the PCs are battling on the edge of a pool filled with carnivorous fish, you might impose a limitation of Filled with Piranha with Weapon:3. There’s no roll involved with getting attacked by the piranha; instead, entering the pool of water acts as a special sort of compel. In this case, you’d offer the player a fate point, and if they accept it—piranha, damn your luck!—they’d take stress equal to the Weapon rating (in this case, 3). In this way, you can create situation aspects that have hard mechanical consequences attached to their compels.

Actually, I think I may have just answered my own question—
It’s not about making a block OR a limitation. A limitation is something you might add to a block–making it even more diabolical. So presumably you could jump over/shove someone into a pool of piranha the same way you could a vat of acid.

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I always took the idea of block vs. limitation as a block will hinder your actions it is actively trying to stop you such as a lock on a door or a guard dog patrolling an area; a limitation is something that hinders your actions but doesn’t actively try to stop you unless you fall into certain perimeters such as: security cameras watching an area, or trying to sneak through an area without making too much noise.