Base Raiders Dungeon Crawls

Anybody thought of merging Base Raiders mechanics with old school dungeon crawl types of adventures?

It seems like the two could work together really well, and I would love to try it at some point, but wondered if anyone had ever tried it, and if so what their impressions were.

As someone completely unaware of Base Raiders, what mechanics are you thinking of merging?

It jus occurred to me as I was reading through Base Raiders that it seems to take the idea of dungeon crawls and abstract them in an interesting way: Themed “bases” with rare/useful/profitable “tech”, and a series or collection of obstacles/traps/encounters to make things interesting.

Admittedly, it has been a while since I read it, so I need to do so again, but I may see about merging some of the custom rules in with my DnD-to-Fate hack that I’ve been running for my kids.