Aspect-specific Fate points

We’ve been experimenting with a type of stunt in our group—it seems to work well, but I wanted to (1) make sure I haven’t broken anything important, and (2) share the idea in case anyone else finds it useful.

Essentially the idea is a stunt (costing 1 refresh) that grants 2 Fate points that can only be used to invoke a single, specific aspect. In our group, for example, we have a police officer with a magical police dog partner. (Think Mouse from the Dresden Files.) We aren’t using any henchmen extras or anything complex, so the dog is simply one of her aspects that comes to the rescue doing things magical dogs do at the cost of one Fate point. This stunt essentially gives her 1 extra Fate point at the cost of tying two Fate points exclusively to a single aspect. (I even made us a couple of special tokens with the picture of her dog on them.) So far this seems to be working pretty well! I won’t claim credit for the idea, I feel like I’ve read it somewhere before (although I can’t find it off hand…)
Any reservations from the group?

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This sounds kind of like (but maybe not exactly the same as) the Signature Aspect from Atomic Robo. One of your aspects is your Signature Aspect, an aspect that is completely integral to you. You get 2 Fate points for compelling that aspect, and you can invoke it for free once per session.

But if I understand the stunt you described, the PC’s refresh goes down by 1, but they get 1 extra Fate point at the beginning of each session, so their refresh is actually exactly the same, but 2 of their Fate points are tied to 1 aspect. It sounds like they are getting a restriction without any benefit.

…unless they can get 2 Fate points for compelling that aspect, in which case I think it works, and you should compel the hell out of that dog.

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In reading through again, I think I was being overly complicated in my explanation. Essentially you use 1 refresh to get 2 fate points tied to invoking a single aspect. (Of course, they could use/earn regular fate points like normal.)
I hadn’t considered the possibility of raising the stakes for compelling the aspect–that s interesting!

So it’s a stunt that gives you one extra Fate point, but that Fate point and another one of your Fate points are tied to a specific aspect and can’t be used to declare story details or invoke other aspects. I think that’s exactly what you said in your original post, I just misinterpreted it.

I like it! I can’t think of how that would break anything. Seems like it’s got a decent limitation on it. It makes the dog an important part of the story.

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Sorry I’m late to the party (first time listener, long time caller).

I’ve been creating stunts like this, but giving them “stress” boxes. Check a box to activate the stunt. I haven’t bothered adding the “check a box or spend a FP” caveat, since most of the time players are happy to save their FP for other things.

I basically just stole the charge mechanic from dnd. The advantage I’ve found is that you can attach the boxes to a device, and then it can be shared around, and doesn’t matter who is using the stunt because it’s a single pooled resource.

Also, you can specify what it takes to reset the boxes, e.g. “needs new batteries”, or “place in sunlight for a few hours”, or simply “recharges at Refresh”.

This sounds like a neat idea, though I’m pretty sure you could just code this as Free Invokes instead of Aspect-Specific Fate