Adding A Poor Character Skill to the Pyramid

Would it be crazy to give each character 1 skill they’re particularly bad at?

Build the Pyramid as usual, but also choose 1 Mediocre skill and lower it to Poor.

I find that character weaknesses can be useful, but I haven’t tried it out. Any thoughts? Would this be unbalancing or not heroic enough?


Flawed heroes are great! But really, compelling someones “Trouble aspect” (or any aspect really) tends to fill that need our games. If someone has the trouble of “two left feet”, I as the GM would regularly compelling them when they would be making athletics rolls. At least that way, they are living their “trouble” and collecting Fate Points as a consolation prize!


Yeah, you’re right of course. Our troubles tend to be more like “hunted by the so-in-so baddies” or “the drink speaks to me” rather than “I’ve got a really Poor Will” or something that could be described as “Physique Poor”.

Maybe I just need to add a second Trouble.

This is probably some holdover thinking from my Fudge days, where I had a weakness skill…

That makes sense. It’s worth a shot at least! If it seems to cause problems, you could always let everyone bump it up during a milestone. I wonder if people would lean toward skills that really only one person in the party needs–craftsmanship, performance, scholarship, drive, etc. It might be interesting to have people randomly determine one of their mediocre skills to drop down to poor…

I kinda like that idea… randomly bumping one down. It has the feel of old time RPGs.

Thanks for your feedback @Hedronist! Very kind of you.

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