A convenient Roll20 macro to view character aspects

Here’s a macro I use in Roll20, that I call Share-Sheet. It allows you to view another character’s aspects at any time. This requires the use of the “Fate by Evil Hat” character sheet (which I strongly recommend).

&{template:share} {{theme=@{target|theme}}} {{name=@{target|character_name}: ^{aspects}}} {{breaks=@{target|aspectlist}}}

Be sure to turn on the “In Bar” checkbox for the macro so all your players can see it and use it. Players click on the macro button (lower left corner of the map) and then when prompted, click on a character’s token. Aspects for the character appear in the chat.

This kinda replaces the idea of “character tents” in in-person play, with which you could always see your friends’ character aspects.

This looks super useful! I would add a way to let folks whisper this to themselves, just to keep the chat log clear for others.